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The ESI-USB© software allows you to connect your ESI transducer to your laptop or PC and be up and running monitoring pressure data within ten minutes. The software auto-updates and is compatible with Windows 8, 10 & 11.

Pressure Transmitters and Fish Pumps

At ESI we love those projects that make us put our thinking caps on and design a product that meets all of the customer’s needs.

One of our most recent designs was in answer to a requirement presented to us by a fish pump manufacturer who needed a way to measure the pressure flowing through their pumps. The pressure transmitters needed to be submersible to 100m, 4-20mA, 16 bar with absolute pressure reference, flush diaphragm to prevent clogging and including a resistive temperature output.

By adapting our submersible PR3441 pressure transmitter we were able to provide the perfect solution.

The PR3441 usually features vented cable, which allows compensation for the surface pressure and ensures accurate depth measurement. In this case the pressure transmitter wasn’t required to measure depth, it was to be used like a standard pressure transmitter, measuring in bar and in absolute pressure reference. So, we got rid of the vented cable, replacing it with high quality cable with Kevlar reinforcement.

To ensure watertight connection to the system, each end of the cable was fully moulded; one end to the stainless steel body of the transmitter and the other end to a Jupiter connector. The Jupiter connector was the best option for ensuring zero water ingress at such depths, as they are suitable for permanent immersion with a unique field installable termination method.

We swapped the standard stainless steel nose cone for a flush diaphragm, made completely of 316L stainless steel. This simple swap means that the pressure port will not clog, and makes each unit maintenance free.

The pumps are used in a range of temperature extremes, from the coasts of Norway to the Arabian Sea, so information about the ambient temperature of the water surrounding the pumps is vital. Therefore each unit supplies an accurate temperature reading as well as pressure.

Whilst working to very tight deadlines, we were able to come up with a maintenance free solution that will be reliable for at least 25 years. The end result being a very happy customer!

Our Customisable designs…

In addition to the standard range of instruments, a team of qualified engineers, with extensive experience in electronic, software and mechanical instrumentation offer a complete design service using the latest technologies. The team are able to analyse and interpret customers’ specific requirements and create a product that meets, and often exceeds, the exact needs of the application in order to eradicate any compromise from the customer.


  • Application specific design solutions
  • Customised housing design
  • Choice of output signals and pressure ranges
  • Specialised process connections
  • Various electrical connector options
  • Special housing materials

The ability to design bespoke solutions, often just minor adjustments to standard products, is a major benefit to customers in certain applications. In addition, ESI have the capabilities to take on major design projects and, using extensive in-house pressure and environmental test equipment, create prototype sensors complete with qualification and first article test reports.

Sensor technology, output signals, pressure ranges, electrical connections and specialised process connections can be adapted to customer requirements. Stringent quality control and inspection is exercised at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure our customers complete satisfaction with the end product, backed up with technical advice and support. Customer focus and high quality is maintained, regardless of whether the project is small, mid or high volume.


Ask the sales team for more information; +44 (0)1978 262255, [email protected]