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The ESI-USB© software allows you to connect your ESI transducer to your laptop or PC and be up and running monitoring pressure data within ten minutes. The software auto-updates and is compatible with Windows 8, 10 & 11.

Silicon-on-Sapphire for Hazardous Areas

Silicon-on-Sapphire (SOS) sensor technology has emerged as a cornerstone in the design and functionality of ESI’s intrinsically safe pressure transmitters, playing a pivotal role in ensuring reliable and accurate measurements in hazardous environments. The combination of silicon’s sensing capabilities and sapphire’s resilience creates a symbiotic relationship that addresses the challenges posed by harsh environments in hazardous locations.

The SOS sensor leverages the exceptional properties of both silicon and sapphire to deliver unparalleled performance. The Sapphire offers remarkable durability, chemical inertness, and resistance to extreme temperatures. The silicon is grown onto the surface of the sapphire substrate creating a sensor that benefits from the best of both materials. The silicon provides sensitivity and accuracy, while the sapphire substrate shields it from corrosive chemicals, abrasive substances, and high temperatures, ensuring long-term reliability in even the harshest environments.

The use of Silicon-on-Sapphire Technology is particularly crucial in intrinsically safe pressure transmitters designed for hazardous locations. In environments where the risk of explosion is present, safety is of utmost importance. Intrinsically safe devices are engineered to prevent the release of sufficient electrical or thermal energy to ignite a hazardous atmosphere. ESI’s pressure transmitters, incorporating SOS sensor technology, meet these stringent safety requirements while delivering accurate and dependable pressure measurements.

The inherent electrical insulation properties of sapphire play a pivotal role in achieving intrinsic safety. Sapphire is an excellent insulator, preventing the passage of electric current and reducing the risk of sparking or overheating. This makes SOS sensors inherently safer for use in explosive atmospheres compared to traditional sensors that may pose a higher risk.

Additionally, silicon-on-sapphire technology enables ESI to create pressure transmitters with a compact design without compromising performance. The thin, yet robust, nature of the SOS sensor allows for the development of smaller and lighter devices, making them easier to install and maintain in tight spaces within industrial facilities.

As industries continue to prioritise safety and accuracy in their operations, SOS technology is poised to remain at the forefront of intrinsically safe pressure transmitter solutions, providing a reliable and durable solution for critical applications.