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Hazardous Area Pressure Transmitter

  • ATEX and IECEx certified
  • Pressure ranges from 0-10 bar to 0-1,500 bar
  • NACE corrosion resistant materials
  • Rugged, weatherproof design
  • DNV GL Approved


The PR3900 pressure transmitter is designed to meet the majority of industrial pressure measurement applications where installation in an explosive and hazardous area is required.

Designed and certified in accordance with the ATEX and IECEx approval this product is intended for installation and operation in potentially explosive atmospheres. Protection is by intrinsic safety when used with a safety or isolation barrier.

The unique Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance and gives excellent stability over a wide temperature range. The sensor endures higher over- pressures and provides superb corrosion resistance., with virtually no hysteresis. The outstanding insulation properties, allows the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance.

The fully welded stainless steel enclosure makes the product extremely robust and able to withstand corrosive demanding environments. Electrical connection is via a strong and durable polyurethane cable with integral vent tube for effective gauge venting to atmosphere.

The PR3900 provides a stable and accurate intrinsically safe two wire output signal of 4-20 mA when powered through a safety or isolating barrier such as MTL7706+, MTL5541 or other similar protection device.

Standard pressure ranges:

0 – 10 bar; 0 – 25 bar; 0 – 60 bar; 0 – 100 bar; 0 – 250 bar; 0 – 600 bar; 0 – 1,000 bar; 0 – 1,500 bar (other options available)

typical applications include:

  • Above ground explosive / hazardous environment installations,
  • Oil & gas industries
  • Volatile chemical processing and storage
  • Marine applications

Technical Specifications

Electrical connections

Wire mA
Red Supply (13-36 Vdc)
Blue Signal (4-20 mA)
Drain Cable screen


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