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Hydrogen Compatible High Pressure Transmitter

  • Hydrogen compatible pressure measurement
  • Pressure ranges to 5,000 bar
  • Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure sensor technology
  • Machined from one piece of special high strength Titanium alloy
  • No seals or welds.
  • High resistance to overpressure and pressure transients
  • ATEX/IECEx option available
  • DNV-GL certification available



The Hydrogen compatible HP1000H pressure transmitter is designed using a single piece of special high strength titanium alloy with no seals or welds, allowing for use with very high pressure applications up to 5000 bar. The all titanium pressure port offers unbeatable corrosion resistance.

The suitability of the material for use with Hydrogen is confirmed following compatibility testing based on ISO 1114-2:2017 according to the European Regulations EC 79/2009 and EU 406/2010.

With a design to meet demanding environments, this transmitter will consistently maintain accurate performance while sustaining high durability.

Standard pressure ranges:

HP10xx: 0-600 bar; 0-700 bar; 0-1,000 bar; 0-1,500 bar; 0-2,000 bar
0 – 2,500 bar; 0 – 4,000 bar; 0 – 5,000 bar (other ranges available)

Typical applications include:

  • Aerospace
  • Laboratory and test
  • Oil and gas monitoring equipment and general industrial.

Technical Specifications

Pin No 2 Wire 3 wire 4 Wire
1 +supply common -supply
2 4-20mA +supply +supply
3 N/C +output +output
to case to case -output


Available options include ATEX and IECEx approved version for explosion protection for flammable gases (zone 0), dusts (zone 20) and mining areas (group I M1) and/or Marine version complying with DNV GL rules for classification of ships, high speed & light craft and DNV GL offshore standards