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The ESI Unit converter allows you to quickly and easily access a conversion tool to work out your preferred unit of pressure measurement wherever you may be. Whether out on-site or in the office.

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Download the ESI-USB© Software

The ESI-USB© software allows you to connect your ESI transducer to your laptop or PC and be up and running monitoring pressure data within ten minutes. The software auto-updates and is compatible with Windows 8, 10 & 11.


Universal Pressure Transmitter

  • Piezoresistive silicon sensor technology for high performance
  • Absolute, Gauge and Vacuum pressure ranges
  • Accuracy rating 0.30 % of span BFSL
  • Pressure ranges from 0.5 bar to 100 bar
  • Adjustable zero and span access – DIN connector version only


The GS4600 series of general purpose industrial pressure transmitters offers high performance pressure measurement up to 100 bar. Available in both Absolute and Gauge pressure ranges, the modular design of the GS4600 series means the product configuration can be adapted to provide cost effective and reliable solutions for moderate sized customer requirements

Standard pressure ranges:

0 – 1 bar Vac (gauge ref only); 0 – 0.5 bar; 0 – 1 bar; 0-1.6 bar; 0-2.5 bar; 0-4 bar; 0-6 bar; 0–10 bar; 0-16 bar; 0–25 bar; 0-40 bar; 0-60 bar; 0–100 bar; (other ranges available)

Typical applications include:

• Industrial processes and machine engineering
• Environmental engineering (waste water management, recycling, renewables)
• Pneumatic systems
• OEM solutions

Technical Specifications

Electrical Connections

DIN Connection

mA Vdc Vdc
Pin no. 2 wire 3 wire 4 wire
1 +supply -supply -supply
2 lout +supply +supply
3 N/C +output +output
to case to case -output

N.B See datasheet for M12 & Cable outlet connections

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