Pressure Transducers and Transmitters for Aerospace Applications

Pressure transducers are involved in a number of aircraft flight testing processes. The aerospace industry worldwide demands high quality pressure transducers for such critical applications.

The ESI Aerospace range offers high accuracy, high stability sensors, available in millivolt (mV), amplified voltage (0-5 VDC & 0-10 VDC), as well as digital USB. ESI's Silicon-on-Sapphire technology and a titanium diaphragm to provide a high specification solution for pressure measurement with options for hazardous area use and high temperature environments up to 200°C.

The HI3000 TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheets) transducer is the latest product in the aerospace range, that can store transducer identification, calibration, correction data and manufacturer related information via an onboard EEPROM.

ESI also offers custom solutions adapted to meet the light weight and small sizes required in aerospace test and measurement applications. All aspects of design and manufacture are carried out in-house at our UK facility

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