Subsea Pressure Transmitter

  • Suitable for ROV and deep sea test equipment 
  • Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology for outstanding performance
  • Submersion to 6,000 mtrs depth
  • Pressure ranges available to 2,000 bar
  • High accuracy option
  • Optional temperature output
  • Hyperbaric testing
  • ESS Testing and comprehensive document packages available


The PR3914 subsea pressure transmitter has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of pressure measurement at deep levels of immersion especially in oil industry applications. It can be configured to suit a multitude of applications.

The unique Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance and gives excellent stability over a wide temperature range. The sensor can endure high over-pressures and provides superb corrosion resistance with virtually no hysteresis. The outstanding insulation properties of the sapphire allows the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance. 

Housed in fully welded body with wetted parts conforming to the NACE recommendation for material corrosion resistance, this product will provide a durable solution for long-term accurate pressure measurement even when permanently situated in extreme depth sub-sea environments. 

Multiple optional connections are available... Providing a two wire output signal of 4-20 mA with high stability and repeatability for pressure ranges up to 2,000 bar. Intended for permanent immersion the product can withstand external pressures of up to 6,000 metres depth water. Secondary provides secondary pressure containment up to 1,650 bar. Electrical connection is via strong PTFE Raychem Flexlite leads. Pressure ranges available from 1 bar to 2,000 bar.  

Units can be supplied with hyperbaric test certificates to 3,000 metres water submersion, ESS testing and comprehensive document packages.  

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