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The ESI Unit converter allows you to quickly and easily access a conversion tool to work out your preferred unit of pressure measurement wherever you may be. Whether out on-site or in the office.

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The ESI-USB© software allows you to connect your ESI transducer to your laptop or PC and be up and running monitoring pressure data within ten minutes. The software auto-updates and is compatible with Windows 8, 10 & 11.


High Pressure Differential Transmitter

  • Wide range of pressure ranges to 200 bar DP
  • WET/WET or DRY/DRY operation
  • Available for gauge reference or bi-directional measurement
  • Durable designs for industrial and commercial installations
  • R.F.I. Shielded for protection against electromagnetic radiation
  • ATEX/IECEx option available (includes M1 for mining applications)


The PR3200 differential pressure transmitter uses two titanium alloy pressure sensors, offering high stability and performance with true wet/wet operation, suitable for use with all liquids and gases compatible with stainless steel and titanium.

The unique Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance and gives excellent stability over a wide temperature range. The sensor can endure higher over- pressures and provides superb corrosion resistance, with virtually no hysteresis. The outstanding insulation properties allow the sensor to operate over a very wide temperature range without loss of performance.

Electrical connector is DIN plug and socket. Access to zero and span adjustment is by removing top plate for easy on-site adjustment. Pressure connection as standard is via two 1/4″ BSP female connections. A mounting plate is available for bulkhead mounting. Ranges available from 0-500 mbarDP to 0-200 barDP

Standard pressure ranges:

0 – 0.5 bar; 0 – 1 bar; 0 – 10 bar; 0 – 20 bar; 0 – 40 bar; 0 – 100 bar; 0 – 200 bar (other options available)

Typical applications include:

  • Flow measurement with orifice plates and mass flow meters
  • Static differential pressure measurement
  • Control in combustion chambers
  • Condition monitoring and filter monitoring
  • High pressure hydraulic systems


Technical Specifications

Electrical Connections

mA Vdc Vdc
Pin no. 2 wire 3 wire 4 wire
1 +supply common -supply
2 4-20 mA signal +supply +supply
3 N/C +output +output
to case to case -output



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