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The ESI-USB© software allows you to connect your ESI transducer to your laptop or PC and be up and running monitoring pressure data within ten minutes. The software auto-updates and is compatible with Windows 8, 10 & 11.

An operational approach

An operational approach

MA.IN.A., company Peschiera Borromeo near Milan, is able to propose the best solution for pressure monitoring.

The German group Suco, which deals with monitoring of pressure and offers a wide range of electronic pressure switches, mechanical and pressure transducers and Renk, which deals with plain support for electric motors and generators are the two ma.in partnership .to. The application area is hydraulics, but already some fifteen years Suco mechanical pressure switches are also used in the medical field, in the food, packaging and monitoring of industrial systems and plants.
Suco The Group also includes the Transmission Technology division that deals with electromagnetic brakes and clutches and centrifugal design.
The Group also includes the British ESI company specializing in the production of pressure transducers and transmitters, strain gauges (TSM division) and data transmission systems (SIGTEL division).

The Suco Group offers a wide range of devices suitable to solve the various problems of the sector. In particular, the mechanical pressure switches, with self-diagnosis and integrated connector, electronic pressure switches and pressure transducers high-performance series are able to reach out and anticipate the current and future needs of reliability, security and performance requirements in different applications.

“Thanks to the different experiences that converge in ma.in.a., we are able to offer the best solution for every type of request with respect to the pressure monitoring,” explains Marco Manueddu, manager of B.U. Suco Group. “Our operational approach is the constant search for the simplest and most reliable solution for all the needs in our clients”.

ESI, part of Suco Group and distributed in Italy by ma.in.a, completes its range of solutions for pressure monitoring even with hydrostatic level transducers PR3441, PR3420, PR3442. ESI products are used for a long time and successfully for the monitoring of tanks, reservoirs and rivers thanks to the robustness and reliability, inspiring characteristics of the entire production program of Suco group.
The material of the body of the ESI transducers is typically stainless steel 316L, but can be used as plastic, titanium and Hastelloy C.

The serial cable, polyurethane, offers excellent compatibility with different fluids, but it is also nylon or PTFE. A strength of the transducers
ESI level immersion is the wide range of personal, which helps make the product reliable and robust even in ESI
presence of pollutants or aggressive fludi. The transmitters of the PR series can be calibrated and laser marked on the body in the unit of measurement function and application of fluid, making it more precise and smooth tracking.
Depending on the application and budget can provide versions with ventilation or sealed with cable up to 500 m. The diameter of the ESI immersion level sensors is 16 or 25 mm (PR3441 and PR3442), compatible with the majority of applications in tanks or in the perforations, but where there are sludge or slag on the bottom of the tank or the basin, is We recommended the use of the PR3420 version, equipped with a grounding plate.
As of versions are available with the usual accuracy NLHR 0.15 BFSL and responsive to ATEX / IECEx standards