Since 1989 INSTRUMENTOS DE MEDIDA, S.L. has been serving client needs in a geographical area that includes Spain and Portugal. Our specialty is selling hardware and software solutions for electronic manufacturing, product performance, industrial automation, and communication applications. We specialize in highly accurate test & measurement devices, power products, data acquisition systems, sensors and signal conditioning, Trained sales engineers are located in the metropolitan areas of Madrid. They are available to demonstrate products, configure equipment, and answer technical questions about the products we represent. They are computer literate, having a notebook computer for demonstration and area management purposes. All have experience with transducers, test & measurement equipment, data acquisition equipment, and signal conditioning products. Our headquarters is in Madrid, Spain where we maintain a staff of inside persons to assist customers. A Large computerized data base of over 10,000 customers and prospects within this geographical area is continually updated and used for developing business opportunities and keeping our clients abreast of new developments from our business partners. Our selling strategy is to combine a good mix of sales calls, local trade shows, mailings, advertisements, in-house presentations, and area seminars. Our customers are engaged in research, design, calibration, manufacture and testing of industrial and consumer products…ranging from telecommunications to appliances, from automobile manufacturers, and their suppliers to research official centres.

Septiembre 31. E-28022 Madrid

T: +34 91 3000191
E: [email protected]

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