IEPS is your number one source and services company for everything related to Instrumentation Calibration, Pressure testing, re- certification for O&G pressure control units, repair and liability for gas & fluid transfer and control.

We're dedicated to giving you the very best of service, 24/7.  We expertly speak the language of the oil and gas field and know your operations needs very well.

IEPS is a certified facility to make, renew and recertification with liability for WHE"s , Valves, HPU"s,BOP"s, Kommy unit, Chock Manifold, etc .

No loss of productivity

No loss of profitability

No loss time

No Delay 24/7

IEPS Plot 197-409 Industrial Zone
1000 Factories Area Cairo- New Cairo Egypt

T: +201 2264 00000
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