Trading Company BIBUS s.r.o. founded in 1992 with a majority share of the Swiss company BIBUS AG and is part of the multinational BIBUS holding company headquartered in Zurich. Since its founding in 1992, BIBUS Ltd. dynamically develops and annually achieves a significant increase in financial results. Within a short time the company has built a good market position with a number of regular and satisfied customers. Since its inception the company has BIBUS Ltd. revenue growth and labor productivity. In 2004, turnover for the first time exceeded the limit of CZK 200 million with 25 employees. Three years later, in 2007 the company achieved BIBUS Ltd. 24 employees with turnover of CZK 268 million. The main commodity trading company BIBUS s.r.o. are mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and filter elements, aquarium air and pumping equipment and new technologies. The main criterion for selecting products and suppliers and the quality of service provided. Thanks to capital combined with Swiss partner acquired BIBUS Ltd. exclusive representation of the world’s leading manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Integration within the holding BIBUS allows very flexible cooperation with sister companies throughout Europe BIBUS. Since September 2002, the company BIBUS s.r.o. certified quality system ISO 9001:2001. BIBUS Ltd. is certified as a supplier of materials for the aerospace and auto industries mobilový. BIBUS s.r.o. regularly exhibits at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, advertises in many magazines and presents the information through leading catalogs and websites.

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