ESI Pressure Transmitter/ Pressure Transducer Installation Guide

GS4000 Series | GS4200 Series | HI2000 Series | LP1000 Series | HP1000 Series | PR3100 Series | PR3850/3860 Series | PR9000/9500 Series

Below is our installation guide for the following standard models

GS4000 | GS4200 Series | LP1000 Series | HP1000 Series | PR3100 Series | PR3850/3860 | PR9000/ 9500 Series

Please refer to datasheet, calibration certificate and installation instructions before starting installation. 

The Device must be used within the specified pressure range, temperature and supply voltage. 

During Installation, please comply with the relevant national guidelines. 

Installer must be technically competent and familiar with pressure monitoring technology. 

Ensure system is not pressurised before installation. 

Ensure the measurement cell is not damaged before installation. 

Use the correct sized AF wrench on the hexagon with tightening torque in accordance with table 1. The customer must ensure that the pressure seal is suitable for the application. 

See tightening torque setting guidelines in table 1 below.

Make mechanical installations first so as not to twist the cable.

Refer to product calibration certificate for wiring diagram.  

Ensure electrical connector and cable gland are securely fitted and sealed. 

Recalibration interval depends on own industry guidelines.

Do not insert pointed or hard objects in to the pressure port. 

Repairs must be carried out by manufacturer only 

Ensure system is de-pressurised before removal 

Remaining media in the pressure port may be hazardous so handle with care.  

Can be returned to factory at end of life for cleaning. 

connection and adjustment

Torque Settings*

Thread Type P<100bar 100bar




2000bar 4000/ 5000bar***
G1/4" (BSPP), 1/4-18 NPT** Max. 35 Nm --- ---
G1/2" (BSPP), 1/2-14 NPT** Max. 50 Nm
F250C (9/16- 18 UNF female conical) --- --- 30-35 Nm 32-35 Nm***

* The torque values apply only to test conditions, and are a guide only. Tightening torques for installation depend on many factors including materials, lubrication, coating and surface treatment. If in doubt consult manufacturer.

** NPT threads need an additional seal to BS EN 751 (e.g. PTFE tape)
*** Tightening torque and maximum pressure should be in accordance with high pressure pipe supplier’s documentation. 

Materials of the mating part should be selected to suit pressure and media requirements.

ESI Technology Ltd operates a policy of continuous improvement and product development. We reserve the right to change specification and operating instructions without prior notice. 

Please observe applicable safety regulations when installing or removing the pressure transmitter or transducer.

Need more information? Check our Product Datasheets for unit specifications

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