Version History

Version Description Software modification to protect transducer EEPROM data Changes to report options. Option to select new Excel workbook for each sensor. Option to delete and add markers after test is complete. Option to disable Pause button.Option to remove timeline between pauses on graph screen. Feature to allow alarm levels to be adjusted while test is in progress, and when an alarm has been triggered for a popup to appear with alarm details. Option to have time on graph screen to be in system time or elapsed time. Leak Test feature now allows pressure drops to 2 decimal places Modified reading of data files to handle some corrupted files with truncated headers. Modified reading of data files to handle some corrupted files with truncated headers. Calibration Adjustments Calibration Adjustments Calibration Adjustments Calibration Adjustments Fixed bugs. Fixed issue where changing the selected time format for the graph was ignored. Fixed problems seen with leak testing where data values have been written to the backing file. Added leak testing feature. Calibration Adjustments Calibration Adjustments Change to calculation of pressure drops in report generator. Added insertion type for the time between markers. Combinations are shown again following the addition of sensor names. Change to formatting of pressure values in a report. Word is closed and PDF is shown when the report output format is PDF. Further change to using sensor names. Using sensor names in monitor and graph pages. Change to loading of legacy files. Added sensor names for use in reports. Reporting custom fields are template-specific. Added automatic addition of markers on start, pause, resume and stop. Fixed bug where temperature coefficients weren't transferred to EEPROM. Graph legend scrolls if there are too many items to fit. Changes to reporting to allow for pauses. Fixed bug where pressure coefficients weren't transferred to EEPROM. Added pause button. Measurement intervals can be changed during slow acquisition. Added start, stop and pause buttons to graph page. Files from early 1.x versions can be loaded. Calibration Adjustments Added about dialogue, splash screen and integration with help file. Added measurement interval wizard. Added reporting and markers. The report generator deselects all objects before displaying the report to the user. Completed graph settings dialogue. Added calibration certificate generator. Change to marker table time formatting in report. Added export to CSV files. More reporting bug fixes. The report generator supports kPa. Fixed reporting issues. The sensor full range is copied into the sensor settings. Fixed bug in reporting data table. Implemented new reporting insertion codes. Corrected bug when putting graph in a report without showing temperature. Changes to backing file recovery feature. Added recovery of data from backing files. Added ability to load legacy (version 1.x) data files. Further work on graph settings dialogue Corrected application of format to graph. Calibration Adjustments Fixed issue where a sensor was disconnected and then reconnected. The graphs in a report follow the Show Temperature flag in the template. Updated splash screen. Showing data panels on graph page. Minor changes. Calibration Adjustments Change to the application icon. Changed image in splash window. Updated application icon. Showing O/R when pressure is over-range. Status text shows the time to scheduled stop where appropriate. Report and certificate generators use the portion of data selected in the graph view. Added scheduled stop of measurements. Implemented alarms for sensor combinations. Added graph settings dialogue Detecting sensors being connected or disconnected. Various changes to the user interface. Pressure reading is shown in red when the sensor is above 120% of full range. Fixed bugs with certificate generator. Change to the timer updating the measurement running time. Calibration adjustments Further work on the use of backing files. Added days as an option for the graph axis. Removed the limit on the number of readings in a data set. Fixed saving of large data sets into multiple data files following addition of the backing file. Minor Bug fixes Added use of backing file during measurements. Fixed memory leaks and optimised memory usage. Cosmetic change to advanced settings button. Further changes to the advanced measurement dialogue and auto-stop. Showing the maximum measurement length in the advanced measurement dialogue. Changes to measurement auto-stop. Minor Bug fixes The maximum number of readings in a data set is calculated from the amount of installed memory. Minor bug fix to serial number handling Large data sets are saved to multiple files. Showing a prompt when attempting to export too many data points to Excel. Calibration Adjustments Continued performance work. Further performance improvements. Fixed issues with sensor combinations. Correctly showing data with gaps in the graph. Performance improvements. Minor graph changes. Minor feature additions and bug fixes. Minor Bug fixes. Calibration Adjustments Initial version

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