Hydrogen Compatibility is Here!

September 29, 2021


A selection of products have passed hydrogen compatibility testing based on ISO 11114-2:2017 according to the European Regulations EC 79/2009 and EU 406/2010.

Testing was carried out on the specialist titanium alloy the measurement cell and wetted parts are manufactured from. Although ESI do not currently hold hydrogen certification, it means we are able to offer a small range of Hydrogen compatible products that will benefit from the Silicon-on-Sapphire technology, providing outstanding performance and stability, as well as be available with ATEX/ IECex, DNV-GL or combination approval. 

The range of Hydrogen Compatible Pressure Transmitters includes:

  • GS4200
  • GD4200-USB
  •  HP1000
  •  HI2000 
Pressure ranges will also be available from vacuum to 1,500 bar.

How can I identify a Hydrogen product?

The Hydrogen range will be distinctly coloured RED and BLACK and printed with the new Hydrogen brand badge. The HI2000 will also have the Hydrogen logo laser printed onto the body of the unit.

Applications for this range include Hydrogen refuelling stations, Hydrogen engines, marine vehicles, laboratory environments and more.

For more information on our Hydrogen range contact our sales team on 01978 262255 or email [email protected]m

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