Custom Designs for Long Term Deep Sea Submersion

May 13, 2021


Another custom project for a subsea pressure transmitter...

This version of our PR3915 is what we call "true dual redundant".

Dual redundancy is a common requirement for subsea applications. If a sensor fails in deep water, the cost to retrieve and replace it is extremely expensive. Dual redundancy means that if there is an issue with one sensor, there is already a back-up in place and fully operational ready to use.

This particular custom design is essentially two separate pressure transmitters contained within one robust outer housing. It features two high pressure silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) sensors terminated via separate specialised deep sea electrical connectors with and an autoclave SF375CX20 process connection. Sensors and electronic signal conditioning are completely isolated from each other to ensure ‘true’ redundancy.

Using SOS safeguards against failure due to its’ high stability and resilience to high overload pressures and transients. Each unit is preconditioned and tested to 3300m submersion, ensuring confirming a minimum of at least 20 years of reliable service on the seabed with no concerns about leakage or integrity. 

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