October 20, 2015


titanium pressure transmitterPressure transducers and transmitters made from Titanium feature heavily in our portfolio. Titanium (Ti) has a combination of properties that makes it unique and has proven to be technically superior in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. It is the only metal that combines high strength and very light weight with outstanding heat and corrosion resistance making it particularly suitable for most pressure measurement applications.


It was discovered in 1971 by amateur geologist, William Gregor fromCornwall,UK. He analysed a newly discovered mineral and determined that iron oxide was present along with a new, unknown metal oxide. Eventually in 1795 this metal oxide was named Titanium after the Titans of Greek mythology. Pure Titanium was first manufactured in 1910 and has grown in popularity and use in recent years.


Best known for its compatibility with most chemicals, titanium naturally resists corrosion to acids, alkalis, salts and even polluted water. This is because it is a reactive metal that forms a hard, protective oxide film when it comes in to contact with oxygen.


Our Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure transmitters and transducers have wetted parts and diaphragms that are machined from a single piece of titanium alloy which means no weld joints and therefore high pressure integrity and overload capacity.

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