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January 21, 2015


ESI Technology specialise in the design and manufacture of pressure transducers and transmitters for a wide range of industries. 

Submersible depth transmitter with sludge platformIn addition to the standard range of instruments, a team of qualified engineers, with extensive experience in electronic, software and mechanical instrumentation offer a complete design service using the latest technologies. The team are able to analyse and interpret customers’ specific requirements and create a product that meets, and often exceeds, the exact needs of the application in order to eradicate any compromise from the customer. 

  • Application specific design solutions
  • Customised housing design
  • Choice of output signals and pressure ranges
  • Specialised process connections
  • Various electrical connector options
  • Special housing materials 

The ability to design bespoke solutions, often just minor adjustments to standard products, is a major benefit to customers in certain applications. In addition, ESI have the capabilities to take on major design projects and, using extensive in-house pressure and environmental test equipment, create prototype sensors complete with qualification and first article test reports. Flush diaphragm pressure transmitter

Sensor technology, output signals, pressure ranges, electrical connections and specialised process connections can be adapted to customer requirements. Stringent quality control and inspection is exercised at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure our customers complete satisfaction with the end product, backed up with technical advice and support. Customer focus and high quality is maintained, regardless of whether the project is small, mid or high volume. 

Ask the sales team for more information; +44 (0)1978 262255, [email protected]

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