The USB Pressure Transducer

November 8, 2011


Ongoing Success in 2011 for the ESI USB Pressure transducer……………

If you don’t already know about the ESI GS4200 USB, it is an innovative product designed to measure, analyse and record pressure directly onto your PC or laptop, reducing cost and time especially since the latest development allows you to measure upto 16 inputs simultaneously.

Our New & Exciting USB Pressure Transducer

The transducer is powered by the computers USB port; data is presented via the ESI-USB configurable software. It has instant connection with auto-detection, and the fast sample rate enables dynamic pressures to be measured with up to 21 bit resolution.

The application possibilities are endless, and while the product has proved tremendously popular since its launch, it can only go from strength to strength as ESI continue to develop the product even further in 2011.

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